5 Interesting Ways Through Which WordPress Can Help Your Business

Do you know that WordPress can help in taking your online business to new heights? In today’s technology-based world, where maintaining an online presence of your business has become very much necessary, it is through this fascinating Content Management System or CMS platform that creating and managing a website can be done easily. Well, here are the 5 most popular ways through which this platform proves to be important for your online business growth.

Easy Manageability

One of the most effective ways through which this CMS tool helps the businesses in making their online presence is by offering an easy website manageability. To use this platform and enjoying all of its amazing features, one doesn’t need to be a technical geek at all. Not only you can create an attractive and effective website which is necessary for online marketing, in minutes, but also can manage all its functions effortlessly.

E-commerce Integration

It is through its integration with various reputed e-commerce websites, that WordPress assists businesses to easily create their online stores in minutes. All one has to do is use particular themes or plugins and setting up an online store and promoting the business will be a matter of minutes.

SEO Friendliness

This platform is known to be one of the most SEO friendly website managing and creation tools, which has such fascinating coding that makes the various search engines let it rank higher in the search results. Believe it or not, but the websites that are created with it stands better chances in search engine rankings than others.
Advanced Contact Forms

The more direct will be the communication of your business with the audience, the better will be the outcome. While many online business struggles with getting the right contact forms, it’s WordPress again that takes care of this flawlessly. Offering the easiest and convenient way to set up amazing contact forms for your website, this CMS platform helps your potential customers to easily interact with you.

High-Level Security

Taking the security issue extremely seriously, this platform doesn’t leave any vulnerabilities unaddressed that may cause security breach to the websites of its users. It makes sure that none of your business or customers’ data gets comprised ever by taking all the necessary steps to keep the various online security threats at bay.

For improving the growth of your business on the online world, moving to WordPress can undoubtedly be a wise choice as it can make the business more successful than ever with its various interesting website managing ways.


Top web design trends to watch out for

responsiveThe web design industry is always changing and most trends come and goes. Last year was an amazing year for technological improvement as we saw incredible innovations in web design. You should expect radical changes too this year. Some of the trends in 2016 will grow bigger while other will slowly fade from the industry. Let us look at some of the biggest trends so you can rethink and find ways to improve your website

1 Material design will continue to dominate

Last year Google launched one of its new styles, material design. It is the use of shadow effects and the idea of movements and depth to create designs that appear to be more real to the user.

There has been a revolution over the past few months in the form of adoption of this design as a basis for UI presentation. Material design reflects the shift toward smartphone as the first device used to access the web over a laptop and a desktop computer. Despite the fact that Material design is no longer new, material design is coming of age and has a wide-spread adoption and a lot of extensions are coming up. Therefore, expect to see a lot of tell-tale signs of material design coming up in user interface design

2 Fewer photos and more illustrations

Illustrations allow the users to invent their interpretation of an idea or a scene and to connect easily than the picture models. We are coming to the end of the period where most websites featured photo headers that stretched across the viewport. This trend reflects on the progression from a shiny, polished and unapproachable utopia, towards images that engage the users in more personal and connected way.

We expect more illustration than photography because with illustration it is usually easier for the users to place themselves in the scene than it might be when they see photos of horribly well-dressed models. Therefore, expect to see the replacement of photos with more relatable illustrations that connect to the viewer in a personal way.

3 Colour and Typography will be bolder

Typography is the art of going big and bold. The use of colour as a branding tool is a very important marketing tool as is the effectiveness of typography to support values and convey certain messages. Every web designer knows this, but choices have always been constrained by what is technically possible (case of font and typographical layout) and by what are corporately safe. This is expected to change

The past two years have seen a total transformation in the online typographical landscape, as web fonts are becoming accessible to all. The result is that we have seen dramatic shifts in the way types are being done online. Colour has been muted on the whole and most designers and brands are becoming bolder. The appreciation of typography in the past few years leads me to conclude that this year will be dominated by a lot of colours and a lot of type. Therefore, watch out for creative typographical treatment in big, bold and brash colour throughout the web and not just in occasional headlines.

4 Animations

Animations have been on the trend list in the past two years. From the hero-style animation that leads off a site design to the tiny divots that you almost miss, these elements are everywhere. And they will still continue to grow in popularity even as some of them decrease in size. Animations are a fun way of engaging users and giving them something as they wait for content to load and they provide and an element of surprise. They are used to enhance a site’s story telling thus making the experience more interactive. So expect to see more of this!


5 Micro-interactions

Going together with animation is interaction. Interactions create links between the user and the devices. Good interactions are usually small and are even micro in nature. Interactions are vital parts of every app as they communicate a status or feedback, help the user manipulate something and allow them to see the results of an action. From the simple alarms to the text message beep to bleep that it is now your turn in the game, interconnections shape how users interact with their devices. Expect to see micro-interaction getting smaller and may in number.

The Main Elements Of Good Website Design

Ever thought about what makes a website good? Is it about having beautiful images, flashing banners or gorgeous colors? Is the website design all about showing that you are a fantastic graphic designer? Are you trying to become an accomplished web designer, so proof for you would be a range of awards? Or do you simply want to make sure that your website design allows for customers to interact with each other? These pointers explain one thing: there is no right answer to the question of what a good website actually is. It all depends on what your personal needs and requirements are and how you expect to meet those. A good web designer is there to work with you on this. They understand what you want to achieve and they will have ideas about how best to achieve that.

On the other hand, there are a number of things that you will see again and again in a good website. Some of these are very simple: a good website will experience little downtime, the content will be well-written without spelling errors and the information should be relevant, clear and easy to find. Another thing a web designer will look at as standard is website access. Long gone are the days where everybody had to use their PC in order to access the internet. We now have PCs, Macs, laptops, notebooks, tablets, Smartphone’s, iPhones and more. Hence, a good website is able to function across all of these devices without any issues. Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you were to design your own site.

First of all, make sure that your site is light. A good website design is free of Flash and JavaScript as much as possible. This is particularly true for important information, since not everybody is able to access Flash or Java. Also, try to make sure the colors do not strain the eyes of your users. Some colors may look really beautiful on first glance, but you have to consider that your customers may just look at this for extended periods of times, which can tire their eyes and they will not appreciate this. Next, think about your navigation system, since you have to make sure your customers are easily able to access everything they need. Don’t overdo it, but just make sure your navigation is logical. Last but not least, try to use CSS3 coding for animations or interactive effects, as this is easiest for you to make changes to and is supported by all new browsers. However, the best thing to do is to hire a professional to do all of this for you, since they will also be able to look into such things as branding and search engine optimization.

How Sharing Can Be Inspirational

For many friends I’ve talked with the idea of blogging just scares them. They feel that writing is a big pain and would require much effort, and “who wants to sit around and blog all day anyway?“. Also, “setting up a website would be difficult and who has time for such things?”. Well let me tell you how easy all of this really is, and why you’ll really joy it.

WordPress LogoFirst, you don’t need to be a professional writer to have a blog or website. You can set one up for yourself and write about things you know and love. Everyone has things in their life that they’re good at, or things that they know about and can share. We have different skills and life experiences that come naturally or by chance. Family or friends that have added value to or daily lives. Along with pets or vacations that bring enjoyment and relaxation.

These things are not hard to write about and everyone has a few of them they could share. If you were to sit down and think about a few of these moments in your life, you would find that you have lots of information or experiences you could write about. I know the feelings of sharing these things can be hard, but trust in yourself and give it a try. You’ll soon find out that your readers will enjoy and value your thoughts and experiences. And in turn by knowing that you’ve touched someone with your thoughts will motivate and inspire you to share more.

Now as far as setting up a site to post your experiences; this is a great time for this. Nowadays we have so many options that are easy, inexpensive or even free to accomplish this. My recommendation is to use WordPress. You can go to WordPress.com and site up an account for free. Its really not hard to setup the site and you don’t have to be a programmer. Once set up everything is ready and posting is a breeze. Also there is a number of websites to help you with the setup and management of your site. In my opinion WordPress is easier to use than Facebook. So if you know Facebook you’ll easily figure out how to use WordPress.

Here’s a list of a few good sites for help with WordPress;